Our contributions to building labelling schemes

Our contributions to building labelling schemes

Our contributions to building labelling schemes

What are green building labelling schemes?

Sustainable construction is a worldwide major trend. When we know that buildings are responsible for 39% of worldwide CO2 emissions, it is indeed the right way to go. Building certifications are a proof that buildings have been designed to reduce their footprint on the planet and increase positive impact for the people. The most known are LEED and BREEAM, as they are recognised internationally.

How we contribute

During the certification process, the building is assessed on several categories: energy efficiency, health & wellbeing, etc.

For some of those categories, the building materials chosen can have a high impact on the building's score. At Saint-Gobain, we provide many solutions that contribute to green building certifications

Discover below how we can contribute to LEED and BREEAM certifications.

How to win LEED points with Saint-Gobain?

LEED v4.1 category Our contribution to LEED credits Possible points

Integrative process

Integrative process: thanks to our expertise in energy efficiency and modeling

up to 1 point

Energy and atmosphere

Optimize energy performance: many of our solutions, for example our insulation solutions and systems, contribute to energy efficiency

up to 18 points
Materials and resources

Building life-cycle impact reduction: continuous innovation for more sustainable solutions
Environmental product declarations: available for many of our solutions
Sourcing of raw materials: thanks to increased recycled content and responsible sourcing
Material ingredients: using materials with lower environmental footprint and that do not contain Substances of Very High Concern above 0.1% in weight. 
Construction and demolition waste management: our offer of recycling services for ceilings, glass, plasterboard or insulation

up to 13 points
Indoor environmental quality

Acoustic performance: sound insulation and acoustic absorption are provided by our plasterboards, ceilings and insulation solutions
Low-emitting materials: solutions with minimized concentrations of chemical contaminants
Thermal comfort: many of our solutions improve thermal comfort (e.g. insulation)
Visual comfort: among other products, our glazings greatly improve access to visual comfort

up to 5 points

Innovation: research and innovation into green building are at the heart of our strategy
up to 5 points

How to win BREEAM credits with Saint-Gobain?

BREEAM category Our contribution to BREEAM issues Possible credits

Health & wellbeing

Indoor air quality: our products have low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and we can provide specific technologies to reduce formaldehyde present in indoor air.
Thermal comfort: optimized thanks to our highly performant solutions for thermal insulation (glazing, insulation, plasterboards, ...)
Acoustic performance: 
Visual comfort: 

up to 12 credits


Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions: many of our solutions bring high energy efficiency (insulation, glazing)

up to 15 credits

Life-cycle impacts: we have studied and worked to reduce the impacts of our solutions on their whole life-cycle for several years
Design for durability and resilience: our products have superior levels of impact resistance, to offer an extended lifetime for structures
Responsible sourcing of construction products: third-party verified EPDs are available for many of our solutions
Material efficiency: using our lightweight solutions helps minimising the environmental impact of material use without compromising on structural stability, durability or service life of the building

up to 12 credits
Waste Construction waste management: our recycling services for ceilings, glass, insulation, gypsum, etc. help you reduce non-valorised construction & demolition waste

up to 3 credits

Innovation: we constantly develop innovative products for increased customer benefit and reduced environmental footprint
up to 10 credits