Are you keen to join us in building sustainable habitats with an eye to the future?

Saint-Gobain is a welcoming, solid and open-minded Company. Our Group will support you throughout your career. You will have diverse and enriching experiences that will allow you to develop your talent and your entrepreneurial ambitions.

aint-Gobain pays close attention to the development of its employees worldwide. Its human resources policy has been built up over time, based on a culture of respect for others, openness to diversity, social dialogue with our partners and internal promotion. You will learn more about and appreciate this culture and our Principles of Conduct and Action, the values that unite all Saint-Gobain employees.


Saint-Gobain’s strengths as an employer

“We use 350 years of experience to create the world of tomorrow.”

Saint-Gobain is unique: Proud of our long history, we are working on radical innovations that will change the way we live tomorrow.
Saint-Gobain is more credible and better-positioned than others to build the sustainable habitat.

“We are building sustainable habitat, always mindful of sustainability.”

Saint-Gobain works on the most important and meaningful matters of our time.
Future solutions demand the constructive engagement of the business world with the challenges facing society today.

“We combine demanding work with respect to enable you to make the best of your talents.”

Saint-Gobain’s presence in thousands of local communities has helped us grow a diverse and successful organization based on genuine respect for individual differences.
Working for Saint-Gobain is a great experience.

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